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Florian Schui

social history
University of St. Gallen


since 2017: Professor in History, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland 2014 - 17: Senior Lecturer in History, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland 2006 – 2014: Senior Lecturer in Modern European History, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2005 – 2006: Government of Ireland Post-doctoral Fellow, Centre for the Study of Human Settlement and Historical Change National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland 2005 – 2006 Research Associate, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge 2004 – 2006: Junior Research Fellow, St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge

Research Interest

Florian Schui is professor for history at the University of St. Gallen. His research interests include the history of economic and political ideas and economic history. He is particularly interested in the interaction between changing economic ideas, ideals and realities. In his current research Schui focuses on the history of public finances and taxation. In his book “Austery: the great failure” (Yale UP) he examines the historical background and the intellectual foundations of today’s austerity policies. The book has been tanslated into German and other international editions are forthcoming. The book is based on research carried out with the support of a Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust. Further publication in the about the history of public finances include the edited volume “Global debates about taxation” (Palgrave Macmillan). Schui has also published extensively about the history of the Enlightenment period. In his monograph “Rebellious Prussian: urban political culture in Prussia under Frederick the Great” (Oxford UP) he explores the relation between state and public in Prussia in the 18th century in a wider European context. Futher publications about the history of the 17th-19th century include the book “Early debates about industry: Voltaire and his contemporaries” (Palgrave Macmillan) and a number of journal articles.

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