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Mr Henry Obegi

Chairman and General Manager
Chemical Engineering
Obegi Chemicals, Syria
Syrian Arab Republic


 Mr. Henry Obegi's professional experience spans over 68 years covering a range of positions in the commercial, industrial and banking sectors.  Starting in 1945 with Maison Yordan Obegi, Mr. Henry Obegi acted between 1955 and 1986 as Chairman and General Manager of Societe Arabo-Allemande Yordan Obegi sal and held several positions in the banking sector where he was Co-Founder and Board Member of Credit Libanais sal (1961 - 1985), Chairman and General Manager of Banque de L`Europe Meridionale (Brussels) (1973 - 1984) and assumed the presidency of European Arab Bank AG (Frankfurt) from 1978 until 1985. Honorary Chairman of Banque Bemo sal Lebanon, Mr. Henry Obegi was the Chairman of Banque Bemo SAL Lebanon from 1994 till 2010.  Mr. Henry Obegi is the Chairman and General Manager of Obegi Group Holding sal, Henkel Lebanon sal, Obegi Group SA - Luxembourg and Board Member of Unifert Holding sal.             

Research Interest

 chemical engineering, commercial, industrial and banking sector, etc.

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