Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences Experts

Xu Guangrong

Department of Atmospheric Sciences
National Taiwan University


University of Pittsburgh

Research Interest

Atmospheric Chemistry: Ozone chemistry in both stratosphere and troposphere. Air pollution: chemistry and modeling. Pollution and its Environmental Impact. Energy resources and climate change related policy


  • Wu Qingji, Yu Yijiang, Xu Wurong, Xu Guangrong, Shang Wenyi, 2003: Numerical study of airflow field and atmosphere transmission near winter in Taiwan, Atmospheric Sciences, 31, 29-54.

  • Kuang-Jung Hsu [2007] Relationships between ten-year trends of tropospheric ozone and temperature over Taiwan. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 374 (1): 135-142 MAR 1 2007

  • Kuang-Jung Hsu * and Ching-Chi Wu [2007] Application of statistical method in pollution episode analyzes. JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY 57 (1): 19-40 MAY 2007

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