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Yunlong Tseng

Executive Director
Taiwan liposaomal Companies


"As one of the founding R&D team members of TLC, Dr. Tseng had studied at LRL (Liposome Research Laboratory originally founded at UCSF and later at CPMC) and had conducted technology transfer to TLC since 1994 to develop and manufacture liposomal products (including Lipo-Dox® and Lipo-AB®). Specializing in liposome technology and targeted delivery, he has 19 publications on liposome research. Dr. Tseng received a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry on immunoliposome research from National Taiwan University, College of Medicine, and conducted his postdoctoral research at the Department of Oncology, National Taiwan University Hospital. There he participated in the basic and preclinical research as well as clinical testing of liposomes."

Research Interest

operation and management of modern Chinese medicine enterprises      

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