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Linguistic Ganoderma of Gao Excell By Lun Seng Seng started with interest in orchid cultivation. And the medicinal properties of Mr. Li Sue Seng began research on various types of mushrooms. In Malaysia, 1983 (1983), because it was discovered. Malaysia has a climate of (28 c-32 c) and has a good humidity for the cultivation of Lin zheng. After extensive experiments, the Ganoderma lucidum (Ganoderma Lucidum) has been shown to possess therapeutic properties. maximum When compared with more than 200 types of red lizards, only 6 of them have the best medicinal properties. Lun Seng Seng has taken 6 strains of Lin Zhi Lin and six strains. Ganoxel cells by tissue culture based on "organic" By using rice husk, mung bean and red rubber blended together. Do not use any chemicals, pesticides or hormones to ensure that. Medicinal properties will not be lost. Sunlight is another part that needs to be controlled under close supervision. Lin Chu takes about 3 months for growth. Before harvest  

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