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Thanitha Thapanand Chaidee

Department of Fishery Biology
Kasetsart University


Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee is Associate Professor of Fishery Biology in the Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University, Thailand specializing in fishery biology and stock assessment. She currently serves as the chief of ‘fishery dynamics research laboratory (FDR) and teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in fishery biology, fish population dynamics, fisheries stock assessment and Research Methodology. She authored “Fishery Biology” with other colleagues in 2000, “Handbook of Fishery Biology: A Practical Approach” with Amonsak Sawasdee, in 2007; and “Tropical Fish Population Dynamics” in 2009. She is on-going to write text books namely “Basic Research Methodology in Fishery Biology” and “Tropical Fish Population Dynamics: Theories and Applications”.

Research Interest

Areas of interest are fisheries dynamics of fisheries resources and developing of population models. She can develop her research not only in inland waters but also in coastal and deep sea waters of fishes and invertebrates. She is a membership of The Asian Fisheries Society since 2003.

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