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Senior Director of Human Resources Doreen Donovan Doreen Donovan, has over 25 years designing and leading human resource and immigration programs for both start-up and mature organizations. Mindful of aligning the needs of both the organization and employees, she serves as an insightful change agent and transformational leader who embodies a passion to be of service to others. Doreen joined Myriant Corporation in 2014 to provide strategic operational support for Myriant's corporate office, research & development department and start-up plant. She continues to lead Myriant through strategic human resource planning in order to bring about desired business change. Doreen works with Myriant's senior leadership to develop and drive organizational effectiveness and support the Company on all major initiatives as it looks toward the future. Ms. Donovan served as the Director of Human Resources for 17 years at the Immune Disease Institute (IDI). After leading IDI's, HR transition into Boston Children's Hospital, she joined Myriant. Doreen's experience and expertise span all areas of human resource, with expertise in immigration, plan and policy design, change management and employee relations. To that end, Doreen is a skilled human resource professional that is experienced at determining and directing an organization's human resource function and strategies to support productive and profitable business operations. Ms. Donovan holds a B.S. in Speech Communication, from Northeastern University located in Boston, Massachusetts 

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The Same Chemicals, the Same Products—Just a Lot Greener At Myriant, we know there's a better, greener way to produce the products people use every day. And we're realizing that vision—displacing barrels of petroleum by manufacturing and selling high-value chemicals made from renewable, sustainable feedstocks. As companies and consumers look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and transition away from petroleum's price volatility, Myriant has the solution: our proven technology platform and strategic feedstock selection enable Myriant to deliver high-quality, high-performing, green chemicals at a competitive, more-predictable cost versus petroleum-based chemicals without the need for government subsidies. That's what we call a sustainable advantage. Our platform produces a broad pipeline of bio-based chemicals including bio-succinic acid and its derivatives and other bio-based chemical intermediates that perform equal to, or better than, traditional petroleum-based chemicals. Our bio-based chemicals integrate seamlessly into existing chemical production processes to provide a wide range of consumer applications. 

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