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Hakan Ertürk

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Bogazici University


Hakan Ertürk is currently working as a Associate Professor  (Department of Mechanical Engineering) in  Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Research Interest

Design and control of thermal and energy systems, Nanotechnology in energy applications, Thermal management of opto/electronic systems, Inverse problems of thermal design and sensing.


  • Kazemi Khosrashahi F, Erturk H, Menguc MP, 2017, "Optimization of Si/SiO2 Based Spectrally Selective Filters for Thermophotovoltaic Devices ", Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, vol. 197, pp. 123-131.

  • Ericok OB, and Erturk H, "Inverse Characterization of Nanoparticle Clusters using Unpolarized Optical Scattering without Ex-Situ Measurements", Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, vol.198, pp.117-129.

  • Akiner T, Mason JK, Erturk H, 2017, “Nanolayering Around and Thermal Resistivity of the Water Hexagonal Boron Nitride Interface”, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol.147, 044709.

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