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Berrin Erdag has expertise on Antibody Engineering, Phage Display Technology, Molecular Biology and has successfully completed projects in different field of applications such as Cancer Therapy, Biosensor, in-vitro monitoring. She has a national patent entitled, “Peptide Structures that Bind and Block the Activity of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)”, where an anti-angiogenic peptide is protected. She has also an international patent entitled, “Recombinant antibody structures binding to and blocking the activity of vascular endothelial growth factor-2 (VEGFR-2/KDR)” US patent No: 9193792, 24/11/2015, China patent No: ZL 2010800690064, 29/06/2016, where two anti-angiogenic recombinant antibodies with a potential anti-cancer properties are expected to be protected. She is the co-leader of a Biosimilar development Landmark project which is the first nationally funded biosimilar project in Turkey. The project consists on the development and production of an anti-cancer biosimilar antibody. Right after the support of the biosimilar project, she has been granted by the Ministry of Development for the development of a Centre of Excellence for Medical Biotechnology. She is still working hard for the development of a biotechnological drug development ecosystem in Turkey

Research Interest

Cancer Therapy, Biosensor, in-vitro monitoring


  • Preparation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against citrinin (CTN) for immunoassay

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