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Igor Bogicevic

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Seven Bridges Genomics


  Igor is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Seven Bridges.  He oversees the development and deployment of all software and engineering. His responsibilities include building and scaling the Seven Bridges Platform, Sonar and Rabix, along with ensuring the continued development of the Graph Genome tools. Igor also serves as a member of Seven Bridges’ Board of Directors. While at Seven Bridges, Igor has applied a deep understanding of the regulatory and technological security requirements of biomedical data. He led the HIPAA certification program for the Seven Bridges Platform, in addition to overseeing the technical aspects of dbGaP authentication and Trusted Partner status with the National Institutes of Health in support of the Cancer Genomics Cloud. He is the only CTO to speak on genomic security at both AWS and Google Cloud conferences. Prior to co-founding Seven Bridges, Igor worked as a software engineer and manager with significant experience in designing scalable and distributed architectures and in complex partner integrations. As Principal Engineer at, he designed and implemented a data processing and analytics infrastructure built on open source solutions, which improved performance by an order of magnitude. Also while at, he designed integrations with partners such as AOL, Yahoo, Kelley Blue Book, and Orbitz. Igor previously worked for FNX Solutions (now part of SunGard) and for Bank of America on foreign exchange interfaces and calculations. He was the Chief System Engineer at EuNET, where he built a new infrastructure for hosting, server colocation, and billing.

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