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Eunice Apio Olet Alele

Senior Lecturer
1) Biology 2) Science Laboratory Technology
Mbarara University of Science and Technology


Background: a) Academic Qualifications and Training: Ph.D. in Botany, NorwegianUniversity of Life Sciences (Botany-AUN Linkage), Thesis title: Taxonomy of Solanum L. section Solanum in Uganda. Advisors: Kaare A. Lye, Manfred Heun, Brita Stedje. M.Sc. in Botany, MakerereUniversity, Kampala, Uganda. Thesis title: Taxonomic studies of variation within Solanumincanum L. Complex (Solanaceae) in Uganda. Advisor: R. Bukenya-Ziraba. P.G.D.E. majoring in Biology and Agriculture, MakerereUniversity, Kampala, Uganda. B.Sc. Botany and Zoology, Makerere University.      b) Graduate Supervisions: Name of student Graduate level/Reg. No. Title of research Justine Nakintu PhD, 2014/PHD/059 Long term environmental changes in the Ndali-Kasenda crater lakes region: climate change or human impact? Nelson Nkurunziza MSc, 2011/HD/118/PS Re-assessment of the regeneration of indigenous tree species in the regeneration zone of MGNP in south western Uganda c) Research Experience 2007-to-date Investigating the systematics of the Solanum nigrum complex (black nightshades and related species) of Uganda. 2005/2006 Participated as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Idaho State University, in the United States. 1999-2004 Investigated the Taxonomy of the Solanum nigrum complex (black nightshades and related species) of Uganda at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. 1995-1998 Studied the Variation within the Solanum incanum complex and its relationship with Solanum ceraciferum at Makerere University. 1993 Investigated medicinal plants and their recipes used as remedy on AIDS patients with CONCERN, an Irish Not-For-Profit Organization in Rakai, Uganda. d) Other Activities • Head, Science Laboratory Technology • Member, Examinations Committee, Faculty of Science • Member, Quality Assurance Committee, Faculty of Science • Member, Appointments and Promotions Committee, Faculty of Science • Member, Committee for the development of the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge, Mbarara University of Science and Technology • Member, Botanical Society of America (BSA) • Member, Nature Uganda • Member, Regional Network for Conservation Educators in the Albertine Rift (RNCEAR)

Research Interest

I am interested in contributing to the discovery and development of new ideas and methods in teaching and research thereby providing a clearer understanding in biological sciences, especially in systematics. Systematics forms a valuable reference source in conservation and research in related fields. My goal is to study plant systematics using various classical, experimental and numerical techniques employed in studies of morphology, anatomy, cytology, crossing experiments and genomics. I am also interested in conservation biology, ecological botany, landscape ecology, management of natural resources, ethnobotany and soil science, and in imparting the resulting knowledge to students through teaching.  


  • Olet E. A., Lye K. A. and Stedje B. (2015). Crossing relationships and chromosome numbers of Solanum section Solanum in Uganda. Nordic Journal of Botany 33: 472-483.

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