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Lecturer in Postgraduate Education
Peninsula Medical School (Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry)
Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University


Vyzikas T, Deshoulières S, Barton M, Giroux O, Greaves D & Simmonds D 2017 'Experimental investigation of different geometries of fixed oscillating water column devices' Renewable Energy 104, 248-258 , DOI PEARL Hu Z, Mai T, Greaves D & Raby A 2017 'Investigations of Offshore breaking Wave Impacts on a large offshore Structure' Journal of Fluids and Structures , DOI PEARL

Research Interest

Her research interests include marine renewable energy, physical and numerical modelling of violent free surface flow and fluid-structure interaction. She is involved with a number of research projects concerning marine renewable energy funded by EPSRC, GWR, EU Interreg, IEE, FP7, SWRDA, TSB in collaboration industrial and academic partners. She recently coordinated a 2 million euro EU project SOWFIA, streamlining of offshore wave farms impact assessment, bringing together proposed wave energy test sites in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal and Sweden. She is lead PI on EPSRC Research Grant EP/J012866/1 (FROTH: Fundamentals and Reliability of Offshore Structure Hydrodynamics), EPSRC EP/K012177/1, The hydrodynamics of deformable flexible fabric structures for wave energy conversion, and partner on EP/J010235/1 (X-MED: EXtreme Loading of Marine Energy Devices due to Waves, Current, Flotsam and Mammal Impact), on EU FP7 Project MARINET, on Interreg Project MERIFIC, and an associate Partner of UKCMER SuperGen Marine III.

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