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Pradeep Viswambharan

Emirates NBD
United Arab Emirates


I started off my career as a business development executive with a Foreign Exchange company in India in 2004. A year later, I moved on to work with HDFC Bank as a call center executive. With enough knowledge in the credit card business, I had my first opportunity to work overseas with Citibank Dubai as a Citi Phone Officer. I was then promoted to an Authorization Agent in the Cards Authorization and Fraud Management unit. My three and a half years of experience in fraud management at Citibank Dubai earned me a position as a team leader for fraud monitoring at Emirates NBD in 2011. The fraud monitoring business is not easy. Trends in fraud change regularly and it is our job to keep up with these trends to limit the amount of fraud being committed. We have to be able to understand and analyze a criminal's mind. It can be an intense job but the more intensity there is, the more motivated I am to solve the problem at hand. My assigned job is to simply monitor fraud but I also take efforts to recover and protect funds. When I do see that a fraud has been committed I take it upon myself to both analyze it and discuss it with our UAE banks fraud forum to identify the how the card has been compromised and prevent other cards from being misused in the same way.

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