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Antônio Tatagiba

United Arab Emirates


Antônio Tatagiba knows the INFLOR internal processes well. Prior to taking up his position as International Director, he was a Project Manager, which helped strengthen customer relationships. He has a deep knowledge of INFLOR’s forest solutions, having been part in big international projects in China, Argentina and Portugal. His experience in the management of medium and large projects gives him the expertise to coordinate the company’s internationalization. Ease of communication, either with the INFLOR team or with the clients, is also part of his skills. He likes technological innovations and, in search for the best solution, is always researching and proposing new ideas. He holds a degree in Information Systems (Faesa) and a MBA in Company Management from FGV. In his spare time, he has a hobby that combines excitement and adrenaline: he flies single-engine aircraft, but also enjoys cooking and spending time with his family. While flying, Antonio can exercise skills that contribute to his daily routine at the company, such as processes standardization, risk anticipation, concentration, and self-control in adverse situations.

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