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Enivanis Vilela

United Arab Emirates


Niva, an INFLOR founding partner, is fascinated by the future and is always looking for solutions for complex problems. He takes this concern to the company’s management, seeing patterns and opportunities where many people see complexity. Under his leadership, INFLOR has become a benchmark in forest management solutions. He stimulates team development, aligning it to the company’s strategic vision, i.e., to become a world leader in agribusiness solutions. When he was still young, he had already shown distinctive abilities, standing out in math competitions and by his early admission for the main universities in Brazil – topping the first positions. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, has a vast knowledge in IT and practical experience in leading companies in Brazil and abroad. His international experience and wide network of relationships contribute for a keen vision about how technology can optimize agribusiness management. In his free time, Niva likes to catch up on German technology; he has a particular interest in cars and engines. He also enjoys having his friends for dinner at home and staying with his family.

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