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Kumar Sambamurti

Department of Patient Care
Union University
United Arab Emirates


Dr. Sambamurti did his BSc from Madras University in 1977 and MSc from Pune University in 1979, India and subsequently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMD) of New Jersey in 1989. He subsequently did a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Nikolaos Robakis at the Mount Sinai Medical Center where he stated his research on the proteolytic processing of A PP. He then went to the University of Texas Houston and the Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville as an Assistant Professor. He Joined the Medical University of South Carolina where he progressed to become a tenured Research Professor in 2008. Dr. Sambamurti is also the Co-Director of the Carol Campbell brain bank.

Research Interest

Dr. Sambamurti’s research program is focused on  mechanisms of neurodegeneration that ultimately result in the slow  decline associated with aging as well as in a number of diseases such as  Alzheimer's disease (AD), macular degeneration (AMD) and Parkinson's  disease (PD). These diseases are characterized by the failure of the  protein maintenance mechanisms resulting in their deposition.

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