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Ann Mumford

Kings College London
United Kingdom


"Dr Ann Mumford specialises in tax law, fiscal institutions and equality. The scope of Ann’s published work has ranged from feminist perspectives on taxation law; to, as a contributor to the “new” fiscal sociology movement, the integration of tax legal scholarship into the realm of economic sociology.  In teaching, Ann has extensive experience as course convener and programme director of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in commercial law, tax law, and law and accounting. She has overseen the production and delivery of LLB, LLM and MSc courses at Queen Mary, the London School of Economics, and Cardiff University. Additionally, Ann has served as the British Council’s visiting chair in Gender Studies at the University of Complutense, Madrid.  Ann graduated with a BA in English Literature (Columbia), a JD (Connecticut) and a PhD (Cardiff). Ann regularly supports non-governmental organizations working to further women’s economic equality, and works with scholarly organizations to support socio-legal research in the law of taxation."  

Research Interest

"As a researcher, Ann’s work has focused on international, comparative, and socio-legal, feminist legal perspectives, particularly those that arise through taxation law.  In 2010, Ann was instrumental in the establishment of the Collaborative Research Network of the Law and Society Association (US), titled “International socio-legal feminisms.” She is also a founding member of the FemTax network of international, feminist tax law professors. She has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences and symposia, and has supervised students successfully at PhD level.  Ann is the author of two monographs, Taxing Culture: Towards A Theory of Tax Collection Law (2002, Aldershot: Ashgate: Socio-Legal Studies Series; General Editor: Philip A. Thomas), and Tax Policy, Women and the Law: UK and Comparative Perspectives, Cambridge University Press (2010, Cambridge Tax Law Series – General Editor, John Tiley).  In 2008, she was invited to speak at a Tax Law Review symposium at New York University, resulting in the publication of “From Dahomey, to London, to D.C.”: ‘Marketing’ Wealth with the Proposals for a Comprehensive Inheritance Tax,” 63 Tax Law Review 221-257 (2009). Ann has established a broad body of work in socio-legal tax scholarship."  

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