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Rosamund Scott

Kings College London
United Kingdom


Rosamund Scott is Professor of Medical Law and Ethics. She joined the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics as a Lecturer in 1998, became Reader in Law in 2005, Professor of Medical Law and Ethics in 2007 and Co-Director of the Centre in 2013. She studied Philosophy at the Australian National University, Canberra, and Law at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. After qualifying as a barrister she undertook a PhD in an area of reproductive law and ethics at King’s College London. She received a number of scholarships and awards during these studies.  

Research Interest

"Rosamund Scott's research interests are largely in the field of reproductive law and ethics. In 2002 her first book, Rights, Duties and the Body: Law and Ethics of the Maternal-Fetal Conflict, was published. She has since published a number of articles on prenatal screening, selective abortion and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Her second book, Choosing Possible Lives: Law and Ethics of Prenatal and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis was published in 2007. She is currently a member of a research project looking at the attitudes of IVF patients to the donation of embryos for stem-cell research. Previously, she was a member of a research group looking at the attitudes and experience of staff involved in the provision of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and a member of the Advisory Board of a group studying developments in stem cell research and therapy.  "  

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