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Mr Derek Shepherd

School of Tourism & Hospitality
Plymouth University
United Kingdom


Mr Derek Shepherd is Academic Lead - Teaching and Quality Plymouth School of Tourism & Hospitality (Faculty of Business)

Research Interest

Ali, M.F.S.  (2016) CFEMOs: a new integrated model for product innovation performance's drivers in the US restaurants' context.  PhD, Plymouth University (Director of Studies)   Hunter, L.  (2013) The mediating role of entrepreneurial leadership: an investigation of the competitiveness of SMEs in UK South West food and drink manufacturing.  PhD, Plymouth University (Second Supervisor) Igwe, P.A. (2013) Rural non-farm livelihood diversification and poverty reduction in Nigeria.  PhD, Plymouth University (Director of Studies) Mohamed, A.M.E.  (2013) Actor network theory, tourism organisations and the development of sustainable community livelihoods.  PhD, Plymouth University (Second Supervisor) Westhead, C.R.E.  (2012) An empirical study into UK customers expectations of dining out in relation to meal cost.  PhD, Plymouth University (Second Supervisor) Hammad, Y. (2007) Competitive advantage of small and medium size enterprises in Palestine. PhD, Plymouth University (Director of Studies)

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