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Jacqueline M. Cole

Cavendish Laboratory
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom


Jacqueline M. Cole is Head of the Structure and Dynamics group at the Cavendish Laboratory. She is engaged in the design and functionalisation of new materials for optoelectronic applications, with particular interests in (a) non-linear optics, (b) dye-sensitised solar cells, (c) optical data storage. She uses a wide variety of experimental and computational techniques to realise this goal. Experimental techniques include X-ray and neutron diffraction, anomalous X-ray scattering, EXAFS, XANES, solid-state NMR, FTIR, inelastic neutron scattering. Computational techniques include data-mining, Monte Carlo simulations and density-functional theory modelling.

Research Interest

Design and functionalisation of new materials for optoelectronic applications


  • Smart materials design in non-linear optics for telecommunications

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