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Dr Corey J. Evans

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


Associate Professor 

Research Interest

Infrared spectroscopy Two projects are currently being undertaken involving infrared spectroscopy. The first project involves the analysis of high-resolution infrared spectroscopic data in collaboration with Monash University (Australia) and La Trobe University (Australia). The molecules currently being studied are N-methylformamide, thiirane, formamide, acetic acid and dichlorodifluoromethane. All the spectra have been recorded at the Australia Synchrotron Facility (Melbourne, Australia).


  • Koeckert, H., Mullaney, J. C., Stephens, S. L., Evans, et al., (2016). Vibrational Energies and Full Analytical Potential Energy Functions of PbI and InI from Pure Microwave Data. 330, 80-88.

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