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Dr Edward J. Hollox

Department of Genetics and Genome Biology
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


BA, PhD During an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences, specialising in Biochemistry, a summer research placement developing methods to examine DNA replication origins in Joyce Hamlin’s lab at the University of Virginia sparked my interest in molecular genetics. Ed moved to the Galton Laboratory at University College London for his PhD in Genetics examining the genetics of lactase persistence in humans under the supervision of Dallas Swallow. After six postdoctoral years in John Armour’s lab at the University of Nottingham, I was given the opportunity to start his own lab here in Leicester in 2006.

Research Interest

Ed's research focuses on human genetic diversity, its evolutionary origin and its phenotypic consequences. In particular, he is interested in the evolution and genetic variation of human genes in dynamic regions of the human genome, and the relationship of this variation with susceptibility to disease.


  • Abujaber R, Shea PR, McLaren PJ, Lakhi S, Hollox EJ, et al., (2017). No Evidence for Association of β-Defensin Genomic Copy Number with HIV Susceptibility, HIV Load during Clinical Latency, or Progression to AIDS. 81(1):27-34.

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