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Dr James Higgins

Associate Professor
Department of Genetics and Genome Biology
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


BSc (Hons) University of Nottingham, MSc University of Bristol, PhD University of Birmingham, CBiol, MRSB.

Research Interest

Molecular cell biology of plant sexual reproduction: My aim is to understand how the number and distribution of genetic crossovers are controlled by interacting meiotic proteins in Arabidopsis and crop species, including cereals. This involves analysis of genetic and epigenetic factors that have been selected by evolution to maintain genome integrity.  


  • James D Higgins, Susan J Armstrong, F Christopher H Franklin, Gareth H Jones. (2004). The Arabidopsis MutS homolog AtMSH4 functions at an early step in recombination: evidence for two classes of recombination in Arabidopsis. 18(20). 2557-2570.

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