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Dr James T. Hodgkinson

Department of Chemistry
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


Lecturer Lecturer

Research Interest

Chemical Biology My broad research interests involve using organic synthesis to prepare small molecules to study biological processes at a molecular level. Applications of such molecules include; mode of action(s) studies, investigating ligand-protein interactions, overcoming membrane permeability, structure activity studies and inhibitor design. The main aim is to understand how the biological processes and phenotypes under investigation can be altered and regulated with structural modifications to the small molecule.


  • The synthesis of Quinolone Natural Products from Pseudonocardia sp. F. Salvaggio, J. T. Hodgkinson, L. Carro, S.M. Geddis, W.R.J.D. Galloway, M. Welch, D.R. Spring, Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2016, 3, 434-437

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