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Dr Jose Prados

Associate Professor
Department of Neuroscience
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


Associate Professor 

Research Interest

My current research interests lie in the following areas: Spatial learning: my interest is to explore the power of standard associative learning theories explaining the ability of organisms to locate goals in new and familiar environments. My research has explored the role of associative processes in landmark and geometry learning. Perceptual learning: My research has been focused on how associative learning theories can be used to account for the ability of organisms to discriminate between similar stimuli or situations. Learning in invertebrates: Another very exciting research field that has attracted my attention during the last years is the investigation of learning and memory in invertebrates. This research can be taken to be preliminary for more ambitious research on the neuronal and molecular basis of learning and memory, and could be relevant for the development of animal models of human diseases (schizophrenia, addiction... )


  • Granger, K. T., Prados, J., & Young, A. M. J. (2012). Disruption of overshadowing and latent inhibition in high schizotypy individuals. Behavioural Brain Research, 233, 202-208.

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