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Dr Julie Morrissey

Associate Professor
Department of Genetics and Genome Biology
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


Leicester Microbial Sciences and Infectious Disease Network (LeMID) Co-Research Lead Bacterial Pollution Group Research Lead (together with Professors Julian Ketley, Peter Andrew and Paul Monks

Research Interest

Pollution ModelAir and metal pollution, bacterial infectious disease and antibiotic resistance Pollution and antimicrobial resistance are two of the major global challenges currently faced (World Health Organisation). Our research involves the elucidation of how bacteria adapt to air pollution and metal stress including anthropogenic metal pollution of the environment, and how this impacts bacterial survival in a host and in the environment, and drives antibiotic resistance.


  • Richards RL, Haigh RD, Pascoe B, Sheppard SK, Price F, Jenkins D, Rajakumar K, Morrissey JA. (2015) Persistent Staphylococcus aureus isolates from two independent cases of bacteraemia display increased bacterial fitness and novel immune evasion phenotypes. Infect Immun. 83(8):3311-24.

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