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Dr. Lia Panman

Programme Leader
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


Programme Leader Programme Leader

Research Interest

Molecular and Cell Biology


  • Panman L. and Zeller R. (2003). Patterning the limb before and after SHH signalling. J. Anatomy 202, 3-12.

  • Panman L., Perlmann T. (2011). Tracing lineages to uncover neuronal identity. BMC Biology 9, 51.

  • Deng Q., Andersson E., Hedlund E., Alekseenko Z., Panman L., Millonig J., Ericson J., Perlmann T. (2011). Specific and integrated roles of Lmx1a, Lmx1b and Phox2a in ventral midbrain development. Development 138, 3399-3408.

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