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Flaviano Giorgini

Department of Genetics and Genome Biology
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


BSc (West Lafayette) MA (St. Louis) PhD (Seattle) I grew up amidst the corn fields of Indiana and pursued a BSc degree in Biological Sciences (with an emphasis in Genetics) at Purdue University. I obtained a MA degree in Molecular Genetics at Washington University in Saint Louis and a PhD in Genetics at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Research Interest

Huntington's disease (HD) is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. This disease is caused by an expansion of a polyglutamine tract in the protein huntington and is characterised by atrophy in the striatum and cortex of the brain. The most common symptomatic manifestations of the disease are chorea (involuntary jerking of muscles), cognitive deficits and psychiatric disturbances. Although the initiating trigger in HD is known, the critical molecular mechanisms underlying this devastating illness remain unresolved. Our work focuses on elucidating these molecular mechanisms with the hope of aiding in the development of therapeutic strategies for HD.


  • Herrera F, Po├žas GM, Pires-Afonso Y, Giorgini F, Domingos PM, et al., (2017). Protein phosphatase 1 regulates huntingtin exon 1 aggregation and toxicity. 26(19):3763-3775.

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