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Kayleigh Warrington

Postgraduate Researcher
Department of Neuroscience
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


Postgraduate Researcher

Research Interest

My research focuses on understanding the processes involved in reading, and exploring whether these processes are equivalent in young (18-30) and older readers (65+). More specifically, my research examines whether the loss in visual abilities in healthy adults in older age may be associated with difficulties in identifying letters within words during reading. This is examined using eye tracking technology, which provides a highly detailed record of the reading process and is the most effective and precise technique for assessing the visual and cognitive processes underlying naturalistic reading.


  • Warrington, K.L., White, S.J., & Paterson, K.B. (2016). Ageing and the misperception of words: Evidence from eye movements during reading. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Special Issue in Honour of Keith Rayner.

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