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Martyn P Mahaut-smith

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Leicester
United Kingdom



Research Interest

Mechanisms of platelet activation in thrombosis and haemostasis Development of platelet-producing megakaryocytes from stem cells Signalling via ion channels in platelets and other electrically non-excitable cells Interactions between ion channels and G-protein-coupled receptors


  • Taylor, K.A., Wright, J.R., Vial, C., Evans, R.J. & Mahaut-Smith, M.P. (2014). Amplification of human platelet activation by surface pannexin-1 channels. Journal of Thrombosis & Haemostasis. 12:987-98.

  • Tolhurst, G., Carter, R.N., Miller, N. & Mahaut-Smith, M.P. (2012). Purification of native bone marrow megakaryocytes for studies of gene expression. Methods Mol. Biol. 788, 259-273.

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