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Noel W Davies

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


I was awarded my PhD from the University of St Andrews in 1986 and have been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester since 2004.

Research Interest

The physiology and biophysics of K+ channels and in particular on their regulation by haem-dependent processes. This work involves structure/function studies of haem interaction with K+ channels and an investigation of haem-dependent regulation in arterial smooth muscle and cardiac ventricular muscle. The regulation of cardiac Ca2+ currents by nitric oxide. This involves examining the different signalling pathways whereby NO can modulate cardiac Ca2+ current. These experiments use the perforated single-electrode voltage-clamp technique and this will be extended to include single Ca2+ channel recordings.


  • Panhwar, F, Rainbow, RD, Jackson, R & Davies, NW (2015). Ca2+ dependent but PKC independent signalling mediates UTP induced contraction of rat mesenteric arteries. J Smooth Musc Res 51:58-69.

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