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Russell Wallis

Department of Infection
University of Leicester
United Kingdom


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Research Interest

I'm a biochemist interested in understanding the molecular changes that occur during initiation of the classical and lectin pathways of complement activation. These reaction cascades are directly responsible for neutralisation of pathogens and clearance of apoptotic cells. They also play key roles in stimulating and directing fundamental immunological processes, including phagocytosis, cell adhesion, modulation of immune cell function, and maintenance of immune tolerance, as well as providing important bridges between innate and adaptive immunity. Specific interests include characterising the interactions between components that trigger complement activation, establishing the molecular basis of immunodeficiencies caused by mutations in key complement proteins and understanding the complex regulatory mechanisms that prevent complement from destroying host cells.


  • Zhang Q, Collins J, Anastasaki A, Wallis R, Mitchell DA, et al., (2013). Sequence-controlled multi-block glycopolymers to inhibit DC-SIGN-gp120 binding. 52:4435-9.

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