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Gary Winship

Addiction Therapy
University of Nottingham, UK
United Kingdom


Gary Winship has worked in the addictions field since 1981 when he began working on the in-patient unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital which was led by Phillip Connell and as a trainee he worked on Griffith Edwards in-patient ward for alcoholics at the Maudsely. He later took charge of one of the in-patient drug addiction treatment wards where he developed an innovative democratic therapeutic community programme. He also worked at the Maudsley as a full-time clinical research with Mike Gossop and John Strang. He co-authored the treatment protocols for the first dedicated methadone maintenance clinic at the Maudsley. As an out-patient NHS psychotherapist in Berkshire, as well as continuing to see patient with addictive and compulsive disorders, he worked as a consultant to a number of secure services treating offenders with addiction problems including Broadmoor Hospital. He has also supported the work of East-West detox arranging for people from Europe to enter treatment at the Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand. He has acted as policy feed advisor to government (1997) and most recently with the current administration. He has published over 100 papers and his book The Spike & the Moon-Why People Take Drugs (2012) offers a front-line account of encountering drug users in psychotherapy and was described by the comedienne Jo Brand as a ‘fascinating read

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addictive and compulsive disorders

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