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Gerry Pattenden

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom


Professor Pattenden is now Professor Emeritus in Chemistry at Nottingham University. From 2005 he was Research Professor, and during 1988-1996, he was Sir Jesse Boot Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry. He was also Pro Vice-Chancellor (Vice President) for Research at the University from 1997 to 2003. He researches in the broad area of design and development of novel organic synthesis methods, addressing the total synthesis of natural products of biological importance. He has published over 474 papers and written several review articles. His contributions have been recognised by numerous awards including, recently, the Tilden Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1991/92), the 1992 Royal Society of Chemistry Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, the Royal Society of Chemistry Award for Heterocyclic Chemistry in 1994, the Pedler Medal (1994/95), the 1997 Award for Natural Product Chemistry, and the Hugo Müller Lectureship (2001), the Robert Robinson Award (2008), and the Merck Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2009. Pattenden was elected Fellow of the Royal Society, FRS, in 1991. He was President of Perkin Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1995/97), and Scientific Editor for J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Transactions 1. Pattenden has served on, and been Chairman of, various Committees of the EPSRC and the Royal Society. Pattenden has acted as a consultant for a number of companies.

Research Interest

The discovery and invention of new methods, and the development of novel strategies for the total synthesis of natural and non-natural target molecules of medicinal, and general industrial importance. New synthetic methods under investigation include the use of:-Free radical intermediates; Transition metal complexes; Cascade chemical processes; Biomimetic chemistry;Knowledge of, and speculation surrounding natural biological processes provides inspiration for development of new and novel synthesis design. Target natural product synthesis features prominently in many of our research programs. This research is carried out across a very wide range of biologically active natural products which include: alkaloids, steroids, marine natural poly-oxazole and thiazoline-based macrolides, polycyclic diterpenes. These target molecules display profoundly important biological properties, e.g. anti-tumoral, anti-allergic, insecticidal, anti-fungal, immunoregulatory, anti-hypertensive, of interest to today's pharmaceuticals and health care industries.

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