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Panos Soultanas

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom


Panos Soultanas was born in Thessaloniki capital of the Greek province of Macedonia and came to the UK in 1982 to pursue A-level and University studies. He graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BSc honours degree (Biochemistry & Microbiology) in 1987 and completed his PhD studies in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the same University in 1990. His first post-doctoral position was on site-specific recombination at the University of Bristol (1990-1994), under the supervision of Prof. Steve Halford (FRS). After spending 12 months in the Greek Army (obligatory military service) he then moved to the University of Crete and spent a year and a half working on gene silencers of the gamma-globin locus. In September 1996 he moved to the University of Oxford where he worked in the group of Dr. Dale B. Wigley (FRS) on the structure and function relationships of DNA helicases. In September 2000 he was appointed as a lecturer in Chemical Biology at the School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham. In August 2004 he was promoted to Associate Professor and Reader in Biological Chemistry and from January 2008 to a Chair in Biological Chemistry.

Research Interest

Prof. Soultanas' research interests are centered on the dynamics of large multiprotein assemblies like the primosome and replisome, focusing on protein-protein interactions mediated by DNA helicases. His current research interests include a number of replisomal and primosomal proteins such as PcrA and DnaB helicases, DnaG primase, DnaI replisomal protein, DnaX connector protein in the Gram +ve Bacillus. The lab also has an interest in the Bacillus subtilis DnaD-DnaB-DnaI primosomal cascade. The main focus of the lab is on recapitulating the entire DNA replication system of B. subtilis in vitro.

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