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Rob Jones

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom


A physical chemist since his undergraduate days, Dr. Robert Jones has worked with both physicists and chemists in the UK and abroad since 1974. Promoted to Reader in Surface Science at Nottingham in 1990, he now conducts experiments in Nottingham and at synchrotron radiation laboratories in England, France and Germany. In the mid 80's, he was co-inventor of a new surface structural technique called Normal Incidence X-ray Standing Wave and have been developing and expanding this technique up to the present. His interests range from the "pure" side of surface chemistry in the form of surface dynamics to the "applied" side of surface chemistry in the form of self assembled monolayers.

Research Interest

Surface Structural Studies: - Structural studies of surfaces using the Normal Incidence X- ray Standing Wave Method - Structural and growth studies of layered materials on metal and semiconductor surfaces. Surface Dynamics: - Development of a new tool for surface dynamical studies; the SPLAT analyser. - Explosive desorption of hyperthermal molecules from surfaces via dissociative electron attachment. Surface Chemistry: - Molecular interactions at metal surfaces. - Metal on metal adsorption. - Structure and bonding in functionalised self-assembled monolayers.

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