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Ross Denton

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom


Dr Denton began his research career at The University of Nottingham where he carried out his PhD studies with Professor J.C. Anderson (2001-2004). At the beginning of 2005 he moved to the Scripps Research Institute USA to carry out postdoctoral research with Professor K.C. Nicolaou. In mid 2007 he returned to the UK to take up a further postdoctoral position with Professor S.V. Ley CBE, FRS at The University of Cambridge. In September 2008 he returned to The University of Nottingham to begin his independent research career as a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry (fixed-term). In June 2009 he was appointed to a permanent lectureship. Promotion to Associate Professor followed in 2016.

Research Interest

Our research involves the design and development of new reactions, synthesis methods, and catalysts that allow us (and others) to make valuable organic molecules such as natural products and pharmaceuticals more efficiently. This activity is underpinned by a core interest in organophosphorus and organosilicon chemistry. At present we have projects running on amination reactions, amidation reactions, novel bioisosteres and building blocks for drug discovery, fluorination chemistry, alcohol activation and total synthesis.

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