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Simon Woodward

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom


Simon Woodward obtained his BSc in Chemistry at the University of Sheffield and undertook a PhD in mechanistic organometallic chemistry in the group of Dr Mark J Winter. After postdoctoral positions at the University of Michigan and at the Dyson Perrins Laboratory Oxford he was appointed to the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hull. In 1999 he moved to Nottingham as a Reader in Organic Chemistry; in 2006 he became a Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

Research Interest

We are primarily interested in catalysing organic reactions where new bonds are formed (or broken!) in small organic molecules of commercial interest. Our group has concentrated particularly on attaining catalytic reactions where highly selective transformations can be attained. That is the reactions may be chemo, regio, or stereoselective. Some of our main interests are.... Selective, often asymmetric, C-C bond formation in Ni, Sn, and Cu catalysed reactions. Mechanistic and structural investigation of metal-ligand based catalysts. Preparation of chiral ligands based on 1,1'-binaphthyl cores and related structures.

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