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Steven Howdle

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom


Steve Howdle was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England in 1964. He obtained a first degree in Chemistry from Manchester in 1986 and his PhD on "Spectroscopy in Liquefied Noble Gases"from Nottingham in 1989. Steve's research focuses on the utilisation of supercritical carbon dioxide for polymer synthesis, polymer processing and preparation of novel polymeric materials for tissue engineering and drug delivery. He holds a chair at the School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham and prior to this held a Royal Society University Research Fellowship (1991-1999). He has received the Jerwood-Salters' Environment Award for Green Chemistry (2001); RSC Corday - Morgan Medal and Award (2001); Royal Society - Wolfson Research Merit Award (2003); RSC Interdisciplinary Award (2005); DECHEMA-Award of the Max Buchner Research Foundation (2006) "in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the innovative use of supercritical fluids for the synthesis and processing of polymers with a wide range of applications"; and RSC/SCI Macro Group UK Medal (2008).

Research Interest

Professor Howdle's interests lie in the use of supercritical carbon dioxide as a new solvent for polymer synthesis and materials processing. This is an exciting area that has lead to collaboration with many other disciplines across engineering, life sciences, food sciences and physics. Steve also has extensive research interests and active links with a wide range of polymer and materials industries. A major part of his group's research is directed towards multidisciplinary collaborations on clean synthesis of new polymers and new polymeric structures using supercritical fluids.

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