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Cynthia Twohy

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
United States Minor Outlying Islands


Sr. Research Scientist—Northwest Research Associates (2014-present) Conducts independent and collaborative research on aerosol particles and clouds, using both field research and modeling. Current interests include the effects of mineral dust and biological particles on cloud microphysics and climate. Visiting Researcher—Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2013-present) Professor--Oregon State University (2009-2014) Associate Professor--Oregon State University (2003-2009) Assistant Professor--Oregon State University (1998-2003) Scientist--National Center for Atmospheric Research (1994-1998) Developed and supported the research applications of NCAR aircraft and instrumentation, including airborne aerosol and cloud microphysical measurement capabilities at the Research Aviation Facility. Performed wind tunnel studies and airflow modeling and developed inlets. Conducted independent and collaborative research on aerosols, cloud physics and cloud chemistry. Provided support for the Counterflow Virtual Impactor.

Research Interest

Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions Dust and biological aerosol particles Aerosol and cloud physics measurement


  • Twohy, C.H. and D. Rogers, 1993: Airflow and water drop trajectories at instrument sampling points around the Beechcraft King Air and Lockheed Electra. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 10, 566-578.

  • Twohy, C. H., A. D. Clarke, S. G. Warren, L.F. Radke and R. J. Charlson, 1989: Light-absorbing material extracted from cloud droplets and its effect on cloud albedo. J. Geophys. Res., 94, 8623-8631.

  • Charlson, R.J., C.H. Twohy and P.K. Quinn, 1988: Physical influences of altitude on the chemical properties of clouds and of water deposited from the troposphere. In Acid Deposition at High Altitude Sites. M. H. Unsworth and D. Fowler (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers. Twohy, C. H., P. Austin and R. J. Charlson, 1989: Chemical consequences of the initial diffusional growth of cloud droplets: a clean marine case. Tellus

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