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Shaowen Bao

University of Arizona College of Medicine
United States Minor Outlying Islands


Working as a Associate Professor, Neuroscience

Research Interest

Auditory perceptual learningDevelopmental brain disorderHearing loss and related pathologyTraumatic brain injury


  • Yang, S., Yang, S., Park, J., Kirkwood, A., & Bao, S. (2014). Failed stabilization for long-term potentiation in the auditory cortex of FMR1 knockout mice. PloS one, 9(8), e104691.

  • Kim, E. G., Tu, H., Luo, H., Liu, B., Bao, S., Zhang, J., & Xu, Y. (2015). 3D silicon neural probe with integrated optical fibers for optogenetic modulation. Lab on a chip, 15(14), 2939-49.

  • Bao, S. (2015). Perceptual learning in the developing auditory cortex. The European journal of neuroscience, 41(5), 718-24.

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