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Michael Kwakkelstein

Dep. History and Art History - Art History
Utrecht University
United States Minor Outlying Islands


Michael W. Kwakkelstein is director of the Dutch Interuniversity Art History Institute in Florence and professor of Fine Arts of Renaissance in Italy and the Netherlands at the University of Utrecht. He studied art history at Leiden University. At this university, he graduated from the doctoral thesis Leonardo da Vinci in 1994 as a physiognomist. Theory and drawing practice . His research focuses on the question of how art-theoretical beliefs about good painting relate to the practice of the painter and vice versa. Results of his research have been published in scientific journals such as the Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutions , Print Quarterly , Apollo, Gazette des Beaux-Arts , Artibus et Historiae and Letteratura & arte. From his hand, a critical edition of Willem Goeree's Inleydinge to the Al-Ghemian Teycken-Konst appeared in 1998from 1668. From 1999 to 2003, he was a NWO postdoc at the Dutch Interuniversity Art History Institute in Florence and between 2000 and 2002 as Associate Professor at the Art History Institute of the University of Amsterdam. In 2005 he was closely involved in the organization of an international exhibition exhibition dedicated to Michelangelo's drawings as chief conservator of the Art Collections of Teylers Museum.

Research Interest

Art History (BA)


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  • Kwakkelstein, MW (2014). Leonardo da Vinci as a Physiognomist - Theory and Drawing Practice . (199 p.). Leiden: Primavera Press, 2nd revised edition (1st ed. 1994).

  • Kwakkelstein, MW (12-05-2015). "The New Testament of Pietro da Novellara's Account of Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop Practices in Florence (1501)" . Raccolta Vinciana , 36, (pp. 25-45) (21 p.).

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