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Fan Liu

Assistant Professor
Decision Sciences and Marketing
Adelphi University
United States of America


Fan Liu completed Ph.D. in Marketing, University of Central Florida (2015) M.B.A., University of Alaska Fairbanks (2009) M.A., University of Bristol (2006) B.B.A., Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (2005).--Graduate Research Excellence Fellowship, University of Central Florida, 2013-2015 --Graduate Catalog’s Student Profile Spotlight, University of Central Florida, 2014 --AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, University of Michigan, 2013 --Nominee of the Marketing Department for Graduate Research Award at the University of Central Florida in 2013, 2014 --AMA DocSIG Film Contest Winner, along with awards of two free registrations to the Summer ’12 and Winter ’13 AMA conferences, 2012 --Graduate Travel Fellowship, University of Central Florida, 2010-2015 --SGA Conference and Travel Funding, University of Central Florida, 2010-2015.

Research Interest

Social Cognition and Perceptual Biases, Consumer Decision-Making, Frontline Management, Sustainable Consumption and Consumer Well-being.


  • Wang, Ze, Xin He, and Fan Liu (2015), Examining the Effect of Smile Intensity on Age Perceptions. Psychological Reports: Mental & Physical Health, 117(1), 188-205.

  • Johnson, Zachary, Fan Liu, and Yichao Tian (2016), “Country of Origin Non-Fit: When Country of Origin Non-Fit Enhances Consumer Evaluations,” Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 20(2), 74-81.

  • Wang, Ze, Huifang Mao, Yexin J. Li, and Fan Liu (2017), “Smile Big Or Not? Effects of Smile Intensity on Perceptions of Warmth and Competence,” Journal of Consumer Research, 43(5), 787-805.

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