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John Dooher

Professor and Department Chair
Adelphi University
United States of America


John Dooher completed Ph.D,. Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology (1965) Recipient of The Ying of Balquhain Baronial Prize (2000) Recipient of The Knight Commander Award From The Barony Of Balquhain(2014).

Research Interest

Combustion , Compound Fuels, Science of Flames and Furnaces, Fundamental Droplet Combustion - Theory and Experiment, Control of Pollutants from Fossil Fuel Combustion, Compliance Testing of fossil Fuel Plants, Including PCB Control, Rheology, Rheology of Dense Colloidal Suspensions, Pipeline Flow of Slurries , Theoretical Modeling of Flow and Particle Packing, Physio-Chemical Hydrodynamics Energy Solar Photovoltaic Properties of Gallium Arsenide Tidal energy generation Renewable and alternative fuels.


  • Dooher,J. (2005), Fundamental Considerations for Coal Slurry Atomization. Atomization and Sprays, 15, 585-602.

  • Bentley,S.,Anderson,C.,Dooher,J. (2007), Resonance Enhancement of Three Photon Absorption in CdSe Quantim Dots. Optical Engineering, 46.

  • Castaldi,M.,Dooher,J. (2007), Investigation into a Catalytically Controlled Reaction Gasifier(CCRG) for Coal to Hydrogen. International Journal for Hydrogen Energy.

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