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John E. Petrizzo

Assistant Professor
Exercise Science, Health Studies, Physical Education And Spo
Adelphi University
United States of America


John E. Petrizzo completed Doctor of Physical Therapy, New York Institute of Technology (2012) B.S. in Exercise Science, Hofstra University (2006).Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapist at Excel PT & Workout Member of the Starting Strength Coaches Association Science Committee.

Research Interest

Biomechanics as it relates to resistance training, acute and chronic adaptations to resistance training, balance and falls prevention in the elderly.


  • Petrizzo, J., Smith, G., Wygand, J., Mills-Strasser, L., Martins, K., Pusateri, D., Cote, S., Otto, R.M. (2015). Variation in Movement Efficiency of the Olympic Lifts Relative to Barbell Starting Position. In American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA.

  • Douris, P., Ingenito, T., Piccirillo, B., Herbst, M., Petrizzo, J., Cherian, V., McCutchan, C., Burke, C., Stamatinos, G., Jung, M. K (2013), Martial arts training attenuates arterial stiffness in middle aged adults. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, 4(3), 201-207.

  • Petrizzo J, Dimenna FJ, Page R, Smith G, Martins K, Lester J, Kang S, Chandler L, Wygand JW, Otto RM (2016), Altered Start Position Reduces Horizontal Displacement during the Snatch and Clean. JEPonline, 19(3), 24-34

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