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Laura Quiros

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Social Work
Adelphi University
United States of America


Laura Quiros completed Ph.D., C.U.N.Y. Hunter College School of Social Work (2009) B.A., Skidmore College (1996) L.M.S.W., Hunter College School of Social Work (1996).The Latino Social Work Coalition and Scholarship Fund 2016 Leadership Award recipient.

Research Interest

Research interests include: The social construction of racial and ethnic identity; trauma-informed practice through a social justice lens; and diversity, inclusion and leadership in higher education. My current research focuses on the nuances of race and culture among multiracial/Latinas and explores the negotiation of identity within various social contexts. My goal is to identify the impact that skin color has on the racial and ethnic identity development of Latino/as and subsequently on well-being. Certainly, the narrow focus of studying Latino/as as a racially homogeneous group overlooks the experience of racial identification among Latina/os. The second area of my research focuses on trauma-informed supervision and practice through a social justice lens. Currently, I am writing about trauma through a critical race lens in an attempt to include structural racism as part of the trauma narrative. My scholarly achievements in this area were developed directly from my clinical practice, including consulting with the nonprofit sector. Finally, I am researching ways to diversify the research and subsequent discussions on and about leadership within the academy to broaden the arena to include experiences of women of color.


  • Araujo, B. & Quiros, L. (2014), The effects of racial socialization on the racial and ethnic identity development of Latinas. Journal of Latina/o Psychology.

  • Berger, R., & Quiros,L. (2016), Best practices for training trauma informed practitioners: Supervisors voice. Traumatology, 22, 145-154.

  • Berger, R., Quiros, L., & Hatzis, J. (2017). (in press). The intersection of identities in supervision For trauma informed practice: Challenges and Strategies. The Clinical Supervisor.

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