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Nikhil DavÉ

Algalita Marine Research Foundation 
United States of America


Luckily for Algalita, the person spearheading our GIS data display systems spent many years developing similar communications and information management systems for the US Navy. In other words, he’s our in-house expert on research and data-driven solutions to plastic pollution. Born in Mumbai, India and raised in Philadelphia and other major US cities, Nikhil grew up observing the effects of industrial waste and environmental abuse—particularly the 24/7 oil flares burning from New Jersey refineries and general waste problems in the inner city. He recalls becoming especially interested in environmental issues upon learning that the waters of the Wissahickon Creek in Philly, his beloved childhood recreation spot, had become too polluted to drink. He tries to live according to the simple rule: take only what we need from Nature, add something good back, and be grateful for what we have. Nikhil and Captain Moore have been close friends since back in the 1960s during their college years at the University of California, San Diego. Although Nikhil earned a Ph.D. in Engineering Physics/Fluid Mechanics, his true love remained music—especially classical music from the 18th century and earlier, as well as some rock. Nikhil plays viola for the New City Sinfonia and the San Diego Festival Chorus (and piano at home), and performs concerts year round. He is our sole remaining charter board member and has been with Algalita since its 1995 founding dinner in Long Beach.

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