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Anders C. Hardig

Professorial Lecturer
School of International Service
American University
United States of America


Dr. Anders Härdig is a Professorial Lecturer in the Comparative Politics and Regional Studies (CRS) program at the School of International Service (SIS). His main fields of expertise are international politics and comparative and regional studies with a special focus on social movements and grassroots networks in the Middle East. Dr. Härdig is the recipient of several scholarships and grants, including a Fulbright scholarship, the Smith Richardson Foundation World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship, and multiple grants from the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. In recent years, he has worked as a researcher and consultant for American and European companies on projects in Lebanon. Dr. Härdig’s publications include “Cooperation or Cooptation? Civil Society – Elite Coalitions in Lebanon,” (forthcoming); "Too Many Enemies: Mobilization, Marginalization and Political Violence" (forthcoming, co-authored with Dr. Tazreena Sajjad); “Beyond the Arab Revolts: Conceptualizing Civil Society in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Research Interest

Dr. Härdig’s research interests include the politics of the Middle East, particularly civil society and the development of grassroots networks and social movements. His current research examines the impact of Middle Eastern Islamist movement frames in changing the role of political Islam in South Asia.

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