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Hans Claesson

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HANS CLAESSON, Ph.D. Director of Research and Development Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Ph.D. Polymer Science, 1993-2003. Claesson has worked in collagen and other biopolymers since 1998. Cohesion Technologies / Angiotech Pharma, 2003-05 Developed cGMP technologies for production of unique collagen bioadhesives and scaffolds. Continued to develop these material at Histogenics Corporation 2005-2011 where he was coinventor of VeriCart® and where he developed hands-on an improved process for the scaffold used in the manufacture of their phase iii clinical trial product NeoCart®. Before joining our current team he was at Smith and Nephew working with similar materials 

Research Interest

ANEXIS creates, develops, and commercializes products for the repair and regeneration of human tissue. Anexis has developed smart biomaterials that are not merely benign, but actually assist in tissue regeneration. Anexis will systematically bring products to market consisting of unique proprietary scaffolds that are bioactive, and where necessary adhesive, for the large orthopedic, sports medicine, and internal wound healing and regeneration markets 

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