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Toshimasa Tokuno

Founder & Chairman of the Board
Anexis LLC
United States of America


TOSHIMASA TOKUNO, Ph.D. Founder & Chairman of the Board Osaka University (B.S. , Mechanical Engineering), Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Engineering, Rice Oniversity More than 35 years working for various medical device companies in both Japan and the US, having gained experiences not only as a marketing, regulatory and business-development specialist but also as a corporate executive. Tokuno has extensive knowledge in various medical fields such as cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries along with mechanical engineering and material science background, which helped many manufacturers to develop and improve their products. While working for Sun Medical Technology Research Corporation (Nagano, Japan), responsible for setting up its US subsidiary and to getting the IDE from FDA. Also assumed a major role in receiving the CE Marking on Evaheart LVAS. 

Research Interest

ANEXIS creates, develops, and commercializes products for the repair and regeneration of human tissue. Anexis has developed smart biomaterials that are not merely benign, but actually assist in tissue regeneration. Anexis will systematically bring products to market consisting of unique proprietary scaffolds that are bioactive, and where necessary adhesive, for the large orthopedic, sports medicine, and internal wound healing and regeneration markets 

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